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Eduwonka for international baccalaureate schools

A unique syllabus designed with student development in focus, the International Baccalaureate is a programme which follows a distinctive set of methods to get to the goal of a holistic all-round development of students, both academically and otherwise. Eduwonka understands the methods employed by this board to get to their goals and assists them in various ways to get to it.


This board comes with a focus on general studies panning several subjects. Knowledge on subjects such as Science, Mathematics, and different languages are introduced to the students. Eduwonka understands this concept and assists the teachers in adhering to it. This board holds the final examinations for all standards (apart from class 10) in Spring. Eduwonka takes this into account and proceeds to provide the teachers and the students with a syllabus tracker and an events calendar. A smart dashboard is also provided to help the teachers record insights regarding the academic, behavioural, co-curricular performances of the students involved. This helps them plan out academic workshops, encourage the students in the fields they’re best suited for, design leadership activities, etc. The board also provides the students with a plethora of courses to choose from in accordance to the choice of their vocation. When it comes to preparing for examinations, Eduwonka provides the students with easy communication with teachers, paper patterns and a holistic all-round support to help them do well.


Eduwonka understands that every aspect of an institution works much better with technology. This is what it provides to each involved body of an institution in various ways. Students have access to their learning and growth with syllabus trackers, digital timetables and events calendar, along with insights into their performance. On top of this, teachers can keep track of student attendance and are provided with real-time feedback into the students’ performances. The school management is also provided with an eagle’s eye view of every aspect of the institution, including finance, library, transport and other infrastructure areas. All users can also be immediately notified about syllabus changes, important school events, changes to school timings, etc. at the click of a finger. Eduwonka believes in technology going a long way in helping the condition of an institution and therefore provides it in every way possible.

Data analytics:

One of the primary features that Eduwonka provides its users with is objective data analysis. Eduwonka provides schools with real-time insights into their performance. Data visualisations of student performances, attendance and co-curricular activities help the teachers keep up with the trajectory of student performances and helps them to plan workshops, enrichment and special classes accordingly. This insight is also extended to students, who can then gauge where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This helps them decide on the path they’re best suited for in college and university. This feature also helps the administrative staff investigate the institution’s performance as a whole and come up with timely solutions and effective ways to better it.


Provide them with up-to-date technology to help them keep up with school events and class timetables.

Allows students to analyse their strengths and weaknesses using the performance dashboards.

Details regarding various exams and competitions are provided to them.

Marking schemes, paper patterns, eligibility criteria, rechecking policies, etc. are notified to the students with ease.

Helps them keep up with schoolwork and events with easy real-time notifications.

Comes with communication facilities to help them keep in touch with their professors whenever they require it.


It was imperative for us as an institution to be the very best in the market for our students. We wanted to be able to provide our students with the best facilities in every way possible. While we were trying our best, being self-contained stopped us from looking at the bigger picture. With the use of Eduwonka, we got out of this rut and started to compare our institution with others. Their data analytical feature helped us look at how our institution was faring in various ways and come up with effective solutions to solve them. Today, we can proudly say that our institution is at the top of the game and had Eduwonka not been utilised by us, this would not have been possible.

Along with the general course work that International Baccalaureate programme comes with, I also opted for some extra workshops to guide me in the subjects I wished to take up in university. This led to a lot of academic work on my shoulders. Eduwonka helped me through all this work with a syllabus tracker, a daily timetable and daily academic notifications. It also provided me with all the details regarding the external exams I was preparing for in the form of exams, workshops, syllabuses, reference books and paper patterns. Without Eduwonka, I wouldn’t have been able to qualify for the choice of my university.

It is the management’s job to take care of the intricate details and operations of the institution. Eduwonka helps by providing my staff with a bird’s eye view of the institution. This helped us finally do away with the excessive tardy paperwork and replace it with efficiency instead. It allows us to be much better at every aspect of our work and stay in the loop about everything starting from finance and academic reports to infrastructure. Our institution wouldn’t have been anywhere near to what it is today had it not been for Eduwonka.

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