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ISC (Indian School Certificate) is an examination for students of the 12th class and is conducted by CISCE (Council for the Indian School Examinations). The focus of ISC boards mainly lie in the overall growth of the student and achieving that with a balanced syllabus. Eduwonka helps the board achieve that using the multifaceted features it comes with.


Every institution has to keep up with the vast syllabuses panning several streams that are undertaken by the ISC board. This is a task that is made much simpler with Eduwonka’s online syllabus tracker helpful for the management and students alike. Eduwonka also makes the exam paper patterns, paper trends, exam dates and several such key academic information available to the students. Students are also provided with information regarding the intricate academic details such as the marks weightage in theory and practical papers. The marking schemes as well as rules followed for paper rechecking are made known to the students. Even details regarding other examinations and their eligibility criteria are related to the students. Sample papers along mock tests and reference books that can be accessed by the students are also made available to them.


Eduwonka allows a bird’s eye view into the intricate workings of the institution to the management with ease. It allows the principal to be aware of financial updates, infrastructure management as well as daily tasks digitally. Apart from the management, Eduwonka provides the students with facilities to check the timetable digitally and keep up with their syllabus using the syllabus tracker. An events calendar keeps the students in loop regarding every activity in school. Communication between teachers and students as well as teachers and parents are provided for with Eduwonka’s communication facilities.

Data analytics:

One of the leading features of Eduwonka is its Data Analytical feature. Eduwonka understands the importance of objective feedback regarding an institution and provides its users with just that. It analyses the performance of the management, teachers, students and the institution in general. This provides them with space to improve in various ways. The teachers understand just where they’re going wrong with the students giving them space to make up for it. The students are provided with an analysis of their performance which allows them to understand their strengths and weaknesses and finally, the management implements changes wherever the feedback deems it necessary.


Various papers from previous years alongside paper trends are provided.

Details about sample papers, mock tests etc. to help students prepare for entrance exams and competitive examinations are provided.

Time tables and patterns for exams are provided to the students.

Information regarding paper rechecking, re-appearing for examinations, eligibility criteria made easily available to the students.

Details about various examinations such as national level talent search exams are also made easily available.

Easily tracking the performances of students panning different subjects and standards.

Immediate notification regarding syllabus changes.

Objective analytical feedback of student performances to help them understand their strengths and weaknesses.


My academic plans after my ISC examinations were extensive. They required a great portion of my time which led to me lagging behind in class as well as outside because of the inability to strike a balance. This was something that Eduwonka greatly assisted me in. Not only did it provide me with a syllabus tracker and a digital timetable for class work, it also provided me with various exam papers and the patterns usually followed by them. With easy communication made possible between me and my teachers, I could easily do away with my doubts as well. Overall, Eduwonka is the one thing that helped me balance out every aspect of my academic career.

Our institution is always looking at ways to make itself better. This is something that was made infinitely easier with Eduwonka’s Data Analytical feature. This makes it easy for us to look into the performance of each department, teacher and student of our institution. With it, we can assess just where our strengths and weaknesses lie, knowing which, we can go on to implement changes wherever we deemed them necessary. Today, our institution is doing as well as it is solely due to the Data Analytical feature of Eduwonka.

As the principal of our institution, it is my duty to overlook every aspect of our institution starting from finance to student performance. While this task is usually considered gargantuan, Eduwonka makes it not so with its various features. In fact, it allows me to keep up with my institution digitally with ease. I receive constant notifications about each department which allows me to come up with timely solutions wherever I deem it necessary. These digital updates are what helps me keep up with my institution and stay a few steps ahead as well!

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