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Typically known as the first step of formal education, primary school is where young minds begin to grasp knowledge. Eduwonka understands just how crucial this phase of one’s education is and therefore, aims to make it as enriching for the students as possible.

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Eduwonka understands how crucial lesson planning is in a teacher’s life. On top of this, a teacher must individually guide every child, taking into account their own unique manner and helping them grow academically as well as mentally.

This is a task that is made much simpler with the help of Eduwonka’s tools, which help the teacher manage various classes, plan them, track the performances of their students, announce activities digitally and much more.


Every parent is constantly concerned about their child. Eduwonka understands this concern and caters to it. With special communication tools, every parent can now be free of this concern. These tools make sure parents can stay in touch with the teachers with ease.

Features such as ‘Diary’ and the ‘Events Calendar’ can be used to send notifications to the parents regarding school updates. Apart from these, various other tools are made available to parents to bridge the communication gap between them and the institution.

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This feature aims at making sure every child is looked after with ease. This is done with the help of a variety of features that Eduwonka provides to their users ranging from child development tracking for the teachers and Performance Dashboard for the parents.


Objective feedback is an asset in every industry and even more so in an industry concerned with child education. Eduwonka provides its users with data analysis and visualizations in areas of attendance, academic performance, and exam results to name a few.

With feedback such as this, every institution can plan their next steps with a lot of insight, thus making for an incredibly enriching experience.

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Simplifies a teacher’s job with tools to create timetables, schedule lessons, plan classes and approach her job in a pragmatic manner.
Teachers can track student development easily with data analytics and visualizations into a student’s academic performance.
Communication tools to make sure parents can stay in touch with the teachers.
Academic performance dashboard, powered by data analytics, made available to the parents to monitor the academic performance of their children.
Tools to help the teachers place reminders and notify the parents about important scheduled activities


I never expected my usually shy and reserved child Nandini to come home jumping with joy with accounts of school activities but ever since Eduwonka entered the scenario, it has been so! Nandini used to be a very shy child who would open up to select people only. Due to this, her presence in class would not be felt at all. In fact, her shyness was so severe that each time the teacher would ask her questions, she would begin to cry! But with Eduwonka’s features which helped me maintain a relationship with her teacher, I could inform the teacher about the activities generally adored by Nandini. The teacher then went on to use them and the results were absolutely miraculous!

The productivity of my teaching staff has skyrocketed ever since we resorted to this software. Earlier, we would hold various meetings over a large span of time to decide on timetables and teaching plans that would be perfectly viable for the teachers and the students. This is a process that has been made much easier with the help of various tools provided by Eduwonka. Now, planning classes, amending study plans, following the syllabus and even keeping up with student attendance has become so much easier!

My management staff has truly upgraded from mediocre to the very best due to this software. With the amenities that the tools of Eduwonka provides us with, my staff can now cover every aspect of the institution. For e.g.: Transport is a very important factor and with Eduwonka, my management staff can keep a detailed account of the children who are present, those who are absent, who the driver is and the route that’s being taken! Other areas are also dealt with as much care because of the tools provided to us by Eduwonka. This has led to the management section of my institution becoming extremely useful and helping in the overall smooth functioning of our institution.


Primary education is the first step taken by every child in the world of formal education. The overall experience one enjoys here is what goes on to shape their view on education as a whole. Eduwonka understands this and therefore proceeds to promote an extremely enriching experience along these lines:

Tracking the development of each student made easy with the help of the analytical tools. The data then helps the teachers understand the strengths and weaknesses of each child.
Planning co-curricular activities alongside academics to help pique their interests.
Helping the students develop by keeping parents in the loop and promoting an environment that is great for learning both inside and outside the school.
Study lessons are amended in accordance with the results of each child to provide them with lessons that will help them develop.
Relationships maintained with the parents to be aware of how one can make the experience better for the child.
The children are encouraged to participate in all forms of activities, educational and otherwise.
Each child’s performance is individually tracked with data analytics. which helps the teacher discern methods with which they can help them overcome their problems.
Transport is something that is strictly kept an eye on since the safety of the child comes before everything else.
Jessica used to be a child who would be inclined towards the subjects that fall under humanities. Science wouldn’t be her strong suit. This used to be her until last summer when her school started using Eduwonka.

With the data analytical features of Eduwonka, the teachers looked into the overall performance of Jessica and fused her likes and dislikes to form a study plan that was the perfect mix of her strengths and weaknesses.

The result was that my child started finding her classes both interesting and challenging! Today, she’s great at all the subjects in her study plan and this is something that would not have been possible without Eduwonka.
Tim would be an extremely studious child. In fact, he was studious to the extent that he would skip playing outside to study! While this seems like a dream situation, I was genuinely concerned about my child losing out on the beauty of life.

Upon using Eduwonka’s communication methods to share this with his teacher, she promised me to look into it. It was then that she started planning co curricular activities alongside academics.

This was something that Tim had not tried earlier but now, once he got a taste of it, he began loving it! He started playing outdoor games like football, cricket and he would be thrilled whenever he played a good game. With this, his social skills developed as well. Now, he has quite a few friends with whom he has fun in school! The development of my child in such a beautiful manner is truly something I am thankful to Eduwonka for!
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