Google for Education with Eduwonka

Today, people understand just how necessary education is in our lives. With that, one of the main goals of public and private players alike have centered around improving access to education – from cities to rural villages. Education for all - that is the goal. An organisation that’s steamrolling its way to reach that goal is Google.

Google for Education
Google is known to be the go-to for every student in times of difficulty. You have a query? Just Google it. Google has been our saviour in many such situations. Google for Education takes it a step further with various functions that allow students to have easy access to educational facilities.
Eduwonka believes in a similar goal - education for all. Our focus lies in schools, institutions and boards. Eduwonka focuses on ground level issues, from infrastructure to management, with data analytics to help bring real-time insights for schools take act on.
Eduwonka is also designed in a manner that focuses on the holistic growth of the student providing insights across every aspect of a student’s education – be it academics, behaviour, or co-curricular activities.
Complemented with Google for Education, Eduwonka has a vision to transform the future of education to not just help students, but help principals and administrations function smarter.