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Data-driven School management software with powerful analytics, insights, performance, management, communication!

Powerful Data-Driven School Management Software | Eduwonka

Manage daily activities

Streamline your school's day to day tasks such as enquiries, attendance, timetables and announcements through real-time updates, tracking and notifications.

Make learning easier

Monitor and update subjects, topics, course materials and report cards across different levels and never miss out on any crucial assignments.

Reduce your paperwork

Simplify your school's financial processes with tools to track incoming, outgoing and outstanding payments, generate payslips and record expenses and reimbursements.

School management, made easy and fun.

Software to perform complex school management tasks and get results in seconds with automated insights, enterprise security, and 99.99% uptime.

Stay organized throughout the school year

State-of-the-art infrastructure to help efficiently plan your school’s transport and hostel operations, manage inventory, track library books and more.

360° analysis at your fingertips

Take your school to the next level with comprehensive insights generated through historical and real-time data on student and academic performance, financials and inventory management.

Communication made easier

Tools such a mobile diary, a built-in messenger and an SMS broadcast option allow instant parent-teacher communication, facilitating the easy sharing of school updates.

Why Eduwonka?

Harness the power of data-driven analytics software to empower schools for smarter and more efficient management and decision-making

School management software using visualizations, patterns, and decisions.


Make better sense of your school's data and performance. Non-technical users can generate reports for insights quickly and easily


Track your school’s performance over time and uncover trends in your educational institution automatically


Empower staff and administration to act on findings and make intelligent decisions for your school in less time

What is great about Eduwonka is the state-of-the-art infrastructure it provides me with. Efficiency is key when it comes to heading an educational institution and with the help of Eduwonka managing everything, planning has been made much easier for me. Whether it is planning the school’s overall direction for the next 5 years or ensuring that I have put in sufficient resources to train my teaching staff, I am now able to focus on the tasks that matter.

Principal - Cambridge School, Singapore

Finance is something crucial in every institution because without it the institution cannot function. Usually the department of finance is complicated and difficult to manage seeing as it’s not always possible to make a note of every payment. Now, however, with Eduwonka, this is not a problem at all seeing as my staff is provided with all the necessary tools they require for every situation be it following up on outstanding fees or ensuring timely payment etc.

Principal - CBSE School, India

As an academic institution, my central concern is around how the students are faring academically. Eduwonka helps the students by constantly keeping them up to date with the current syllabus, class schedule, any other academic or co-curricular activity. It also provides the students with real time data analysis to help them discern their strengths and weaknesses.

DEAN - Private university, India

As the vice principal, my duties fall under the wide banner of assisting the principal. These duties consist of ensuring the smooth working of every department in the institution. This task while huge, is made immensely easy with Eduwonka for it keeps all the necessary information in one place.

Vice-Principal - International Baccalaureate Organization School, India

It is my job to make the academic institution interesting by incorporating various kinds of activities alongside academics. To make this easier, Eduwonka provides me with amenities like a noticeboard, an events calendar, easy methods to communicate with the students or parents. Using them, I can contact the students, their parents as well as the teachers in no time.

Vice-Principal - ICSE School, India

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Managing your school from mobile devices
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